For Students: Love Is Greater Than Hate

The Golden Rule empowered by the virtue of Love is the ancient solution to end bullying. Brooks teaches students this wonderful social skill in a fresh and relevant way. Taking the students on a journey through his own personal struggles with being bullied, he teaches them how damaging words can be if you take the words to heart. On the flip side, he empowers the students with resilient techniques that make negative words or the rejection of others of no effect.

Brooks educates the audience on the various methods of bullying that teens are involved in today including cyberbullying. He covers the following:

  • The Law Of Reciprocity: The core reason why we bully others.
  • Self Injury: Cutting and Bullycide.
  • Be Calm: Anger management techniques when dealing with difficult people.
  • Be Kind: Response techniques that are respectful and throw a bully of their game.
  • The Golden Rule Game: The fun and easy way to become Bully Proof.
  • LOVE: The power to transform an enemy into a friend.
  • How to forgive the bully and move forward with confidence



For Adults: Bully Intervention

If you work with schools or children, this may be the most important seminar you ever encounter. It will challenge your basic assumptions about bullying and even about yourself! The practical tools you will acquire will multiply your value to the schools and children you serve. You will learn how to turn victims from losers into winners in as little as one week. When kids know how not to be victims, no one can bully them, and they don’t need to wait for the world to change. (The same principles also work with adult bullying!) And teachers will be grateful when they can go back to being educators instead of police officers.

Brooks will present simple, powerful techniques that make basic psychology and the wisdom of the ages come alive — techniques that teach victims how to solve their problems without anyone else’s help and without getting anyone in trouble, while enabling schools to function less as correctional facilities and more as educational institutions.  In the process, you will discover the power of The Golden Rule, Freedom of Speech and a sense of humor. Whether your hero is Freud, Skinner, Albert Ellis, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Buddha, Jesus, Moses or Mohammed, you should love this seminar.