Imagine Raising a STRONG and Resilient Child Who Can't Be Bullied.


Raise Them Strong 

This revolutionary program is designed to give you the proper tools and skills to strengthen your child's resilience without having to already know everything. 

  • The Perfect Solution If You Want Feel Equipped To Parent
  • Parent training taking you through the "Social & Emotional Learning Cycle"
  • Student training with parent guide for impactful conversations
  • Top Anti-Bullying Expert Reveals How To Feel Prepared To Raise An Emotionally Strong Child

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Has your child ever struggled with how to handle people who treat them poorly and only end up frustrated and angry?
  • Has bullying ever caused your child to suffer emotionally or physically and you want to see them happy again?
  • Are you looking to be able to know exactly what to say and do for your child to strengthen them emotionally?
  • Would you like a guide to provide you with the right tools and skills so you are the hero in your child’s eyes?

If You Answered "YES" to any of those questions...Then you need the Raise Them Strong Parent Program.

Discover How to Raise Them Strong

As a parent we have the greatest opportunity to influence our children. Let us help equip you with the right tools to give them the skills of anger management, emotional strength, and resilience within social settings. What's it worth to you to have the peace of mind that your child has the strength to withstand life's most difficult social and emotional challenges? If families are willing to pay $175 an hour to sit with a therapist then why not invest less than that in this program that you can keep for a lifetime.

What's Inside the "Raise Them Strong Program"?

The program is a series of videos and lessons delivered by Social Skills Educator Brooks Gibbs right to your phone, tablet, or computer. You control your pace so you can work through the lessons as fast or slow as you like; our online platform will keep track of your progress so you can always pick up right where you left off.

1. Parent Training

As a parent you have 2 critical roles... 1. To use your knowledge to influence your child's heart and 2. Model the results you hope to see in them. This is NOT easy and can be overwhelming. Which is why Brooks takes the time to train you up so you can have the impact in your child's life.

Here's what you get...

  • 8 videos breaking down the "Social & Emotional Learning Cycle". The 4 Phases of this cycle are Awareness, Advocacy, Management, and Motivation
  • BONUS: 7 additional training videos helping you get a deeper understand of bullying, resilience, your child''s emotional and social development, and more.

2. Student Training

I know it's hard for parents to be "the cool" person to their kids. Let Brooks take the pressure off you and utilize his gifts to engage your child through fun and dynamic videos. You can simply press play and then use the parent guides that go with each lesson so they can apply it to their lives. 

Here's what you get...

  • 8 videos covering the top social skills and topics such as resilience, the Golden Rule, verbal insults, physical aggression, fear/intimidation, social exclusion, and rumors.
  • BONUS: Hand crafted illustrations and discussion activities to go along with each of the lessons.

BONUS: Student and Parent Q&A

Everyone has questions and Brooks loves answering your questions! We are all learning together as we seek to build up the emotional resilience of kids and inspire them to live by the Golden Rule. You'll also be able to ask questions throughout the program in our online community.

Here's what you get...

  • Radio talk show style Q&A answering specific questions from real students and parents.
  • Practical advice for issues like social exclusion, physical aggression, verbal insults, cyberbullying, adult intimidation, and much much more!

Here’s a Closer Look at the Student Training

We leave nothing out to ensure you have everything you need to have answers to the toughest social challenges your child will ask.


Professionally Produced, Plug & Play

Each video was professionally designed, scripted, and filmed to give the highest quality and maximize engagement. You simply sit with your child and press play. Brooks will do the heavy lifting and set you up for success.



Detailed Guides Just for You

We know the feeling of watching a video and what do I do? So we hand crafted lesson guides to go along with each video. The guide will equip you with what to say and activities designed to move you and your child from information to transformation. You'll have a great time with your child and learn at the same time.



Get Them Talking With These Artistic Illustrations

It's so hard to get our kids to talk and open up yet it's so important to their development. Which is why we put so much time into creating these illustrations. Each illustration comes with activities to get the conversation going and help them apply what they heard in the video. 


This approach works. Read what our current customers have to say!

Brandy Brandt (mom)

"My kids wanted to re-watch the video immediately! They spent 15 minutes afterwards doing role playing games of their own :-) I would say that is a successful start! Thank you for offering this at a reasonable price for families. It's worth the investment in my child and our peaceful home."

Tracy Rolander (Teacher)

"Thank you so much for putting this program together! I am a new teacher, and was struggling with some bullying in my classroom. It had been on my mind, and I had been praying about buying it or not (I eventually did of course). It has changed my classroom! I am excited to go into my room now and be able to share these resources with them, as they have been begging to watch more Brooks Gibbs videos!"

Heather Marshall (mom)

"My younger son was struggling with his older brother's teasing and pushing. I felt a bit helpless and frustrated until you gave me the right things to say to him. I love watching how close they've become because he knows how to stay calm and not let his brother have power over him."

If you've made it this far then you must still have some questions...

  • How many videos are included? 18 parent video lessons, 7 student video lessons, and 12 Q&A audio lessons.
  • Do the videos come with handouts? The student videos have handouts. These are designed as a guide so you are equipped to lead them in learning.
  • How long is each lesson? Parent and student videos are between 10-15 minutes each. We created them to keep the student's attention while also teaching them.
  • How long do I have access to the material? For Life! Even as we make updates and raise the price... you still have access.
  • What age is ideal for this program? 2nd - 12th grades are ideal. If at any time you need extra help modifying something to your child and scenario just reach out to us.
  • Can I share this program with my school? Yes, once you purchase the program, reach out to us and we can send your school more information. 
  • What does it cost? This entire program is only $97. I believe this is a great price for all the value you receive. Think of it as an investment that is absolutely priceless to observe your child show true resilience in the face a difficult situation.
  • Will you really give me a refund? YES! We want to take the risk off of you and put it on us. You have 30 days to give it a try and if for any reason within those 30 days you reach out and say you want your money... done! No questions asked.


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