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Emotional Resilience

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New Book & Speaking Tour

In his new book Feeling Strong: A Student's Guide To Emotional Resilience, Brooks Gibbs challenges readers to take personal responsibility for how they feel and avoid blaming their problems on others.

Filled with wit and wisdom, his message, both on stage and page, will provide the motivation students need to start feeling strong.

Celebrating 25 years of speaking to youth, Brooks' award-winning school assembly will be the best presentation your students have ever experienced! Teachers LOVE this message too.

Your Students Will Learn :

  • Why they get upset
  • How to stop getting upset
  • How to think clearly and avoid drama
  • How to regulate emotions and solve social problems

The Digital Program

Enhance the book experience with the comprehensive Digital Program that includes: 

  • Digital eBook
  • Student Video lessons 
  • Parent/Teacher Video Training
  • 21-Day Resilience-Building Audio program



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Program Includes:

  • Digital eBook
  • Student Video Lessons
  • Parent Video Training
  • 21-Day Audio Program
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Up to 4 Presentations & Includes:

  • In-Person Student Assemblies
  • eBook for Every Student
  • 21-Day Audio Program for Every Student
  • K-12 Classroom Curriculum
  • Parent/Teacher Training
  • Downloadable Promotional Materials

You are saying the same things I've been telling my students for years... but for some reason, they listen to you!


Mrs. Tomlinson
Teacher, 7th Grade